Special Designs for Embroidery

special designs for embroidery

Special designs, as described here, are those items that have illustrations and directions to complete them, but don’t fit into the “Stitches” or “Crafts” category. This includes complete instructions on how to embroider certain flowers or fruit, as well as make roses with braiding or laces.

All of these designs contain their original Victorian instructions, and therefore, may use items that are not readily available or unknown to most of today’s embroiderers and crafters. It will be left up to you to decide what current products are best for your interpretation of the project you decide to undertake.

I have also included items that have very little instruction. I have searched for more information to give better detail about the project but have yet to find any. Since many of you are excellent embroiderers or crafters, you may be able to look at the information available and know exactly what to do. Or, you may just like to play around with the idea and see what happens.

If you do have any information on those lacking clear directions, particularly the Coronation Rose Embroidery and the Rambler Rose Embroidery items listed below, please share your knowledge. I am sure there are many others, including myself, who would appreciate your help.

Special Designs to Embroidery

How to Embroider the Carnation

How to Embroider the Chrysanthemum

How to Embroider the Daisy

How to Embroider the Dogwood Blossom

How to Embroider the Holly

How to Embroider the Scotch Thistle

How to Embroider the Strawberry

How to Embroider the Sweet Pea

Coronation Rose Embroidery

Rambler Rose Embroidery

Victorian Borders to Embroider

Raised Embroidery Designs

Alphabet, 2 styles

Calla Lily Banner

Golden Rod

Ribbon Embroidery

Tiger Lily and Japan Lily

Snowball Flower

There are SO many patterns in my books that it will take some time to get them all ready for use, but I’m going to try!. Check back often and see what has been added.

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