Happy Halloween!

If you love Halloween with all its games, spells, and costumes, and you want to do something a little different than everyone else, you might want to try to have a Halloween, Victorian style.

The Victorians liked parties. No "here is some wine and cheese, now go mingle" type party for them! No way! They loved to make a grand evening of it. It didn't make any difference if it was for the children or adults, the parties were well planned and full of activities.

There were games that both adults and children played, such as Apple on a String, Bobbing for Apples, Blind Man's Bluff and a scavenger hunt. Children's parties tended to be geared toward happy, fun activities such as games and even dancing. The adults, on the other hand, always had something spooky or maybe even frightening and lots of fortune telling. Dressing in costumes was a must! They loved to see who could out-do the other. And if dressing up for the party wasn't enough, many parties included an activity in which the participants were to use whatever they could find for props and pantomime well known characters or people.

Many times, when those in the Victorian era are depicted, they are shown as very proper, stiff, and stifled individuals, however, Halloween was one of the holidays that allowed them to act silly and really enjoy themselves to the furthest extent.

Happy Halloween! indeed! - The Victorians would have nothing less!

Below you will find all things related to a Victorian Halloween.

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Party Ideas

Need new party ideas for your next Halloween party? Why not go Victorian and the best way to do that is to follow their suggestions.

Victorian Halloween Traditions - 1894

Halloween Games - 1894

A Victorian Halloween Party

Halloween Party Suggestions

Oh Those Halloween Brownies!


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Wishing you and yours a Wonderful and Happy Halloween!

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