Victorian Home Decor

Victorian home decor is a mixture of textures and patterns, an abundance of lace and tassels and overflowing with accessories. It is a mix of the mundane and the exceptional. It is a decor that allows one make it unique by infusing it with hand-crafted items and personal charm.

Very often the furnishing of a room which seem quite luxurious are the result of ingenious feminine fingers and taste, whether it be fancy needlework, painting, or the making of other beautiful items needed for the home.

Ornamental covers upon tables allow for personal taste and craftsmanship to be displayed. Simple tables of pine wood, with ebonized legs, become works of art when a cover fine felt, flannel, cloth, or any fine material is called into service. Covers may also add additional beauty to an already attractive mantel.

On this page, as well as others in this website, projects and hints abound showing how anyone who wishes may enjoy Victorian decor no matter the circumstances or the financial ability of the owners. Taking everyday articles and transforming them from unsightly objects into things of beauty is large part of this type of decor. Simply put, instructions so clear and simple are given that no household, however humble, need be without the refining influence of dainty environments.

First and foremost, Victorian home decor is about cleanliness and order. Without these, no beauty, no true refinement, can exist.

Home decor requires the desire to beautify the home. This desire needs the exercise of an ingenious mind and nimble fingers to fashion dainty accessories in the shape of screens, toilet-sets, mantel drapes, cushions, dainty table linens, wall pockets, photograph holders, as well as all the numberless odds and ends that make up the pretty home comfort of a room. What if you think you have no such talents? Herein, you shall find projects that will help you learn and grow confident in art skills you before felt inept or never knew existed! Be brave and try something new.

Taste, more than money, is needed in the decoration of homes; oftentimes the simplest and least expensive efforts are those that give the most home-like, pleasing and restful effects.

With the facilities offered in these pages for learning the different kinds of needle-work and crafts, and the making up of an almost innumerable amount of fancy and pretty articles, and the low prices of materials, there is no excuse for bare, non-Victorian home decor.

The effort of Victorian decor may be costly or simple, according to individual means. Any attempt, whether the results be crude or non-satisfactory, is better than no attempt at all.

Having begun the work to bring Victorian decor into your home, how simple it seems to go a step further and add a few pots of health plants to the curtained windows. Plants are a very important Victorian home decor element.

If anything must be dispensed with while furnishing your home, let it be the carpet. While many feel this is quite important, the Victorian "feel" can be maintained quite well with the use of a few home-made rugs and a polished floor. If hand-made rugs are not available, smaller rugs can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of a much larger carpet.

With Victorian home decor, taste, skills, and ingenuity are worth dollars to you. If you cannot afford silk for your doilies and dressing case covers, use scrim. Remember, first, last and foremost, that "Refined ornamentations in every room of the house, especially those of the boys and the help, and a union of effort in this kind of work, particularly in the parlor and all other family apartments, will have a wonderful effect in developing character and preserving harmony in the household."

Victorian Home Decor Projects

Small Home Decor Projects

If you love Victorian home decor, you are in the right spot. Don't forget to look throughout the site for more wonderful Victorian projects that can take your home from ho-hum to Wonderfully Victorian!

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