Victorian Inspired Crafts

Victorian inspired crafts are crafts that, although not truly Victorian, give the suggestion of Victorian times. Everything does not need to be “authentic” or antique to create the look and feel Victorian lovers of today enjoy.

Victorian ladies spent hours and hours on all types of crafts – from fancy needlework to taxidermy (yes, that was thought to be a womanly art then). These items were used to beautify their homes or to give as gifts. Today most of us do not have the luxury of spending hours, every day, to make beautiful authentic Victorian items for our home or as gifts. While we may love to craft, family, jobs, and other responsibilities do not leave time to do so. That’s where Victorian inspired crafts come to the rescue.

Vintage inspired crafts can give just the right touch at a fraction of the time and cost. The following are examples of very simple crafts that can create that wonderful Victorian feeling.


Victorian Inspired Craft #1

Teacup Topiary

Place a small topiary in a pretty teacup and place on a matching saucer. Instant Victorian!

Materials required:
  • Cup and saucer – you may wish to glue the cup and saucer together for stability.
  • Clay or Styrofoam for base (This is to fit in the cup. A 2 ½ Styrofoam ball, slightly flattened to fit the shape of the cup could be used for this.)
  • 1 - 2 to 3 inch Styrofoam ball
  • Stick from the outdoors or a dowel (approx. 7 inches)
  • Faux ivy
  • Spanish moss
  • Green moss
  • Pins to hold ivy in place
  • Ribbon for a pretty bow
Most items can be purchased at your craft store. Instead of buying new cups and saucers, look for them at yard sales and flea markets.


Place a piece of clay or Styrofoam in the cup. Place the stick in the middle of the clay or Styrofoam. It should stand straight and firm. If you use a dowel, you may wish to paint it brown or dark green first. Pin or glue the Spanish moss on the 2-inch ball, covering completely. Place the Styrofoam ball on the top of the stick. Wrap the ivy all around the ball and down around the stem, pinning it where necessary to keep it in place. Place the green moss on top of the clay or Styrofoam in the cup. Put a pretty bow at the top or bottom of the “trunk” and your finished.


Here’s another craft that is especially great at Christmas time.

Victorian Inspired Craft #2

Victorian Christmas Card Display

Materials required:
  • A picture frame with no back. Your wall color will show through as the background of the “picture.”
  • Pretty ribbon – width depends upon your pictures and your personal taste. You will need 2 different colors. One ribbon should be wider than the other.
  • Hot glue or glue dots (used in scrapbooking)
  • 5 or more vintage looking pictures or postcards
Most items can be found around the house or at a craft store. Vintage pictures can be found on the Internet.


The picture frame can be any color you wish. A rectangle one works well. If your frame is dark, you may consider painting it white or a festive color to add to the holiday feeling.

Measure the length of your picture frame. The picture frame should be in a vertical position (shorter ends on top and bottom). Add 3-4 inches to the final measurement. Cut 2 lengths of one ribbon and 1 length of the 2nd ribbon.

Place the ribbons equal distances apart on the front of the frame. Once you have the ribbons placed the way you like, take the ends of the ribbon and tack them down (by glue, glue dots, or tacks) to the back of the frame at both ends.

Take your five (or how many you wish to use) postcards or pictures and lay them on the ribbon. Arrange as you find pleasing. Using hot glue or glue dots, glue the cards to the ribbons.

Victorian Inspired Craft - Frame with Ribbons

You may wish to embellish the ends of the ribbon with tassels or small ornaments.

Hang picture as you normally would.


To find more great crafts using vintage images, be sure to check out Here you will find crafts that are easy to do, don’t require any special products or tools and have directions (with pictures) that ensure your finished project will look great. It's a wonderful site. Be sure to take a look!

As you can see, Victorian inspired crafts do not have to hard or expensive to make. Just a little ingenuity, a few pretty items, some glue and patience, and you can have that Victorian feel anywhere you want it.

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