How to Embroider
the Chrysanthemum

embroider a chrysanthemum - yellow

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To embroider the chrysanthemum correctly, you must be able to embroider long slender petals. Long slender petals are not easy to embroider. If you run over the outline you not only exaggerate the width but lose the character. The detail illustrations below show the sharp pointed petal variety of chrysanthemum. 

embroider a chrysanthemum - concave curves workConcave curves work
embroider a chrysanthemum - petals worked in Feather stitchPetals worked in Feather stitch

The lighter colors should be used on the petals in the foreground, or nearest to the eye. The darker colors are used for the petals in the background.

Fig. 50 shows the Long and Short stitch; on concave curves work from within the form out, and on convex curves work from the outline in. 

Fig. 51 shows the petals worked in Feather stitch, or with an additional row of Long and Short stitches laid over the first. 

embroider the chrysanthemum - petals in the background work.Petals in the background work.
embroider the chrysanthemum - the stem should be rugged looking.Stem should be rugged looking.

Petals that are in the background as shown by Fig. 53 should be filled in by stitches slanting in the proper direction, but covering the small space only. 

The stems should be made to look rugged, and for this Twisted Outline stitch or Kensington Outline can be used. See Fig. 4.

If you embroider the Chrysanthemum as directed above, you will have an embroidered piece that will not only be a thing of beauty but will be admired for years to come.

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