A Beautiful Morning Glory Centerpiece

The Morning Glory Centerpiece is an elegant design for a round centerpiece 36 inch, in diameter. Stamp the Morning Glory design on a fine quality of linen. The edge is first worked in BUTTONHOLE STITCH. White is oftenest used, but if one fancies, it may be a color.

Victorian Morning Glory Centerpiece or Victorian Morning Glory Doily
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The Morning Glories, buds, leaves and stems, are worked with floss, although silk floss would be very dainty. The flowers and buds are solid KENSINGTON STITCH, the stems, simple outline, using shade of green for the latter.Work the edges of the petals with darkest shade, working into the cup with the lightest shades blended into white. One, two or three colors of the flowers may be used:

Pink Morning Glories, four shades of pink, closely matching, and white.

Blue Morning Glories, four shades of blue, closely matching, and white.

Purple Morning Glories, three shades of purple, closely matching, and white.

Red Morning Glories, four shades of red, closely matching, and white.

Leaves and Foliage, six shades of green, closely matching.

MATERIALS - Linen 36 x 36 inches; about 1 dozen and a half of silk or floss for flowers and leaves; 1 dozen skeins for buttonholing the edge.

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