Tulle Embroidery

Tulle Embroidery is a very simple kind of Embroidery, worked with floss silks upon fine black or white Tulle, and used for trimmings to ball dresses and other light fabrics.

To work: Select an easy outline Crewel Work or Embroidery pattern, trace this out upon pink calico and Tack the Tulle on to the calico. Thread a fine darning needle with floss silk and Run this along so as to trace the pattern out with the run line.

Darn the floss silk into the Tulle to fill in any parts of the design that are thick, and work two to three Run lines close together to make stalks or any prominent lines.

To work as shown in Figure No. 1 below: Work upon black tulle, and with crimson floss silk. Run the floss silk diagonally across the tulle, to form the chief lines of the pattern, and work the rest with short Satin Stitches.

Tulle Embroidery, Figure 1.

To work Figure No. 2 below: Use white tulle and blue filoselle. Twist the filoselle several times in and out of the tulle to form the diamonds, and work the center of the device by darning the filoselle into the tulle.

Tulle Embroidery, Figure 2.

To work Figure No. 3 below: Trace the design upon a piece of pink calico, lay the black tulle material upon it, and work over the traced lines with Satin Stitch, using a bright floss silk of a yellow shade.

Tulle Embroidery, Figure 3.

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