Rice Embroidery

Rice embroidery is a white embroidery executed upon washing materials. The principal stitch used is Point de Riz, or Rice Stitch. The work need not be confined to washing materials or to embroidery cotton, but looks well when made upon silk, diagonal cloth, or serge foundations, and with filoselles or colored crewels.

Rice Embroidery
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To work as shown in the figure above:

Trace the outline upon the design, and work the center of the flower in Rice (Point de Riz) Stitch, which scatter carelessly over the surface. Fill in the calyx of the flower with flat Satin (au Passe) Stitch, and in the same stitch work the two upright petals. Work around the flower in Rope (Point de Cable) Stitch, so as to outline every part, and also work with it the stems and tendrils. Make the dots in the center of the flower in Overcast Stitch.

Rice Stitch

The Rice Stitch resembles rice or crumbs loosely scattered over a flat surface.

To make:

Bring the needle up from the back, and put it down in a slant, one-eighth of an inch from where it came up. Scatter these stitches over the surface to be covered.

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