Overcast Stitch

The Overcast Stitch is an outline stitch made somewhat like the Satin Stitch but without varying width. The stitches are made to cross the outline, and are placed close together and exactly parallel. The slant may be upon either the under or the upper side as preferred. If the needle is put through the goods in a perpendicular direction, the slant will come on the upper side of the fabric, as shown in the illustration below.

Overcast Stitch illustration.

To bring the slant on the under side, insert the needle in an oblique direction.

Although this is a very simple stitch, care must be taken that the work is done in a tidy manner. If care is not taken and the stitches are not kept very close together and exactly parallel, the work will have been done for naught and the finished item will not reflect well upon the embroiderer. One will be rewarded handsomely with a lovely finished product if the required time and care is taken to use this stitch properly.

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