The Janina Stitch

The Janina Stitch is also known as the Filling Cross Stitch. Different effects can be obtained with this stitch, as will be seen by referring to figures 1 and 2. Figure 1 shows the stitch taken across the space to be filled from edge to edge; while figure 2 shows the stitch taken from each outline to the center of space; this presents a lighter and more open effect. Figure 3illustrates the stitching technique used for Figure 1.

Janina Stitch used on leaf.

Janina Stitch - another version.

Janina Stitch - close up of standard stitch.

Janina stitch is suitably used on sheer materials like bolting silk muslin and lawn. As will be seen, this stitch is worked entirely on the surface, except where the short back stitch occurs along the outline.

To work: Begin at top of leaf and pull up the needle from the wrong side, exactly in the center of the point; carry the thread to the right side of leaf nearly opposite to where it came up, and in the exact outline take a tiny backstitch, cross the thread to the left outline and in an exact line with the first stitch, take another backstitch, cross to the right edge again and repeat, taking care to pull the thread up through the hole made in making the preceding stitch on that side of leaf; repeat this crossing from right to left, until the base of the leaf is reached when the thread must be fastened invisibly at the side. To work figure 2 the same method is employed except that each stitch is carried from the side to the center.

Turkish fabrics which are to be used on both sides are often worked in this stitch.

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