The Gobelin Stitch

The Gobelin stitch is one copied from old tapestries. It is a filling stitch but it differs from Kensington filling, in being strictly regular instead of irregular. It is worked somewhat like satin or laid stitch, but it need not necessarily be so close — it is rather a system than a stitch and is not used for thin leaves and stems where satin stitch proper would be allowable.

This stitch takes the form of long straight lines — whether these lines are perpendicular, diagonal or horizontal, all used in the same pattern must be parallel to each other, so far as possible. The completed work often shows a series of stripes or blocks of exactly the same width, so far as the pattern will allow.

Embroidery Gobelin Stitch  illustration.

It forms a complete surface of stitchery which takes the light beautifully and produces in the soft colors used in the old tapestries that dreamy effect we associate with the antique hangings.

This stitch is used to fill large leaves, arabesques and backgrounds in conventional patterns.

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