Ladies' Crocheted Bedroom Slippers

Printed in Lessons In Embroidery, c. 1900.

(Note: Ladies' Crocheted Bedroom Slippers were a common item to find in women's magazines.  The following was found in Lessons In Embroidery, c. 1900. Most of the books in this series are dated. This one is not. Many people date it 1899 as there is a copyrighted article dated that but I have many books that have that very same article and it ran for many years without any changes. I do feel, however, that this is an authentic Victorian pattern and should be included on this site.)

Materials required for these crocheted bedroom slippers: Two balls Pearl Crochet Cotton, No.3; 1 Steel Crochet Hook, No.5; 1 pair Pearl Quilted Satin Soles; 1 1/2 yards No.7 Ribbon for Bows.

Explanation of terms and abbreviations used: ch. st. — Chain Stitch; s. c. — Single Crochet; d. c. — Double Crochet; tr. c. — Treble Crochet; h. t. c. — Half-Treble Crochet; 1. tr. c. — Long Treble Crochet; o. — over; p. — Picot; sl. st. — Slip Stitch; l. — Loop.

Instructions for Crocheted Bedroom Slippers
Sizes 4 or 5

Make a chain of 16 stitches, as shown in the figure below, which will allow you 1 stitch for turning.

1st row — One s. c. stitch in every stitch, 1 chain and turn.

2d row — One s. c. in each of 7 stitches (taking up the back stitch; you will then have formed 1 rib of vamp), 3 stitches in the 8th, 1 s. c. in each of 7 stitches, 1 chain and turn.

Continue making 21 ribs, or 42 rows for vamp, increasing 2 extra stitches in center of each rib (or every other row). Turn over and around slipper.

Work 20 single crochet on the side, then make a chain of 17 stitches for turnover, now work back and forth on 36 stitches for 35 ribs or 70 rows, join on wrong side taking up 20 stitches of back stitch of side and vamp.

This will make a neat joining and will not show on the outside; finish with cord around the turnover as follows: take up 1 stitch, chain 3, then take up next stitch, chain 3, cross the first 3 chain stitches over the last, and 1 s. c. next to the last 3 chain stitches just made. Continue in like manner all around.

Use two threads in making the cord, first chain of 3 made with one thread second chain of 3 made with second thread, etc.

Carefully sew the crocheted top to the satin soles of the correct size, and finish with a neatly made bow of Satin Ribbon on each slipper.

These crocheted bedroom slippers may be made in many pretty shades. The following shades make especially beautiful slippers: Pongee, Blue, Brown, Lavender, Gray, Baby Blue, Tan, Red, Navy, Linen, Cream, Black, Deep Pink, and Green.

In crocheting slippers do not take the stitches too loosely — a firm piece of work is needed to make a good slipper.

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