Crocheted Bag Design

The Princess Louise crocheted bag design which follows is yet another popular design beloved by Victorian ladies. The finished result looks simple but elegant, making this pattern useful for an everyday bag or for any costume that needs a special bag to complement it. 

Princess Louise
Crocheted Bag Design

Materials required: Two balls Pearl Crochet Cotton, Size 3; 1 Crochet Hook, No.3.  

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Abbreviations used: ch. — Chain; s. c. — Single Crochet; d. c. — Double Crochet; * repeat to *. If a smaller bag is desired use Crochet Silk or Pearl Crochet Cotton, No.5. 

Instructions for
Crocheted Bag Design

Chain 10 and join in a ring. Chain 3, to count as 1 d. c., then make 23 more d. c. in the ring and join.

Second round — Chain 6, * 1 d. c. in second ch. of preceding round. Ch. 3 and repeat from * all around. Join, forming 12 spaces.

Third round — Make 12 spokes, as follows: * ch. 15, d. c. in the fourth ch., make 11 more d. c. on the chain, catch with a slip stitch to the next d. c. of second round and repeat from * all around. Make 12 more spokes, in same way, catching them in the ch. 3 of second round, thus making these spokes back of the first round of spokes. Fasten off.

Fourth round — *One s. c. in front spoke, ch. 5, 1 s. c. in next back spoke, ch. 3and repeat from * all around. 

Fifth round — Slip stitch to center of next space, ch. 3, to count as 1 d. c., 2 more d. c. in same space, * ch. 3, 3 d. c. in next space and repeat from * four times, ch. 3, 1extra group of 3 d. c. in same space to form a corner; then make six more groups of d. c. as before, widen for second corner and continue in same way all around, making four corners and join. 

Sixth round — Slip stitch back into space after corner, then * ch. 7, 1 s. c. in second ch. to form a picot, ch. 8, 1 s. c. in third ch. to form second picot, ch. 2, thus forming one set of picots, 1 s. c. in next space and repeat from * all around, widening by putting an extra set of picots in each corner.

Seventh round — Chain 2, 1 s. c. in center between picots of preceding rounds, then proceed as for sixth round. Fasten off at the end of eighth round.

Eighth round — Fasten thread in corner picot, ch. 6, 1 d. c. in same space, * ch.4, 1 d. c., ch. 3, 1 d. c. all in the center of next picot and repeat from * all around, not widening at the corners.

Ninth round — A group of 3 d. c. in each space of preceding round, chaining 1 between each group. Widen for corners as was done in fifth round. This completes one side of the bag. Make second side in same manner.

Join the two sides by putting 1 s. c. through first space of both sides, * ch. 5, 1s. c. in second ch. to form picot, ch. 1, 1 s. c. through next spaces and repeat from* all around, putting an extra picot in each corner.

Border for
Crocheted Bag Design

One s. c. in space, * ch. 4,1 s. c. in next space and repeat from *. Make round of beading, as follows: *Two treble crochet stitches in space, ch. and repeat from * all around.

Fourth round — One s. c. in space, * ch. 5, 1 s. c. in next space and repeat from* all around.

Final round — Same as the joining round.

Discs for
Crocheted Bag Design

Chain 4 and join in a ring. 8 s. c. in the ring. Do not join.

Second round — Two s. c. in each stitch taken through the double thread.

Third round — * ch. 3, 1 s. c. in each of the next 2 stitches and repeat from *. On four discs ch. 10 and fasten off. On 2 more discs, ch. 13 and fasten off.

Slip Balls
for Crocheted Bag Design

Chain 6 and join in a ring, 12 s. c. in the ring.

Second round — Two s. c. in each stitch. Make 6 more rounds of 24 s. c. followed by 2 rounds, skipping every third stitch. Fasten off but leave a long end of thread. Slip ball on cord and, after running the end of cord through the beading and fastening it firmly, fasten 3 discs on the joining, then slip ball over the joining, fill with cotton and draw up with the thread left. Run the second cord through the other beading and proceed as before, working from the other side of the bag to make the cords draw properly.

Line the bag with a pretty pink, blue, or any other color silk or pongee.

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