Bullion Stitch Made Easy

The Bullion Stitch is a wound stitch, made like the French Knot, but falls in rolls on the surface of the work. The rolls may be single or in groups. It is used for stems, and for some forms of leaves. 

To make it, bring the thread up from beneath at the lower end of the space which the single coiled stitch is to cover. You may wish to draw a line for each stitch desired. Insert the needle at the opposite end of the space and bring the point out close beside the silk. Now twist the silk around the point of the needle, a sufficient number of times to make a coil of the length required. Hold this coil with the left hand, while you pull the length of silk through the fabric and the coil, turning the coil back over the space to be covered by it. Send the needle down at the upper end of the stitch just made, to secure it. Bring it through again at the lower point of the next stitch, drawing the silk out its entire length and repeat as before.


Below you will find directions for each step with illustrations above, which some may find helpful. 

Draw three parallel lines as guides. Bring up the needle at (c), insert it at (d), and bring out again at (c) in the position shown. Twist the thread about six times round the needle. Hold the roll thus made with the thumb to prevent it slipping off. Draw the needle through the roll. Turn the roll upwards to (d), lying as in (a) and (b). Insert the needle at (d), bring out at (c), and make a similar stitch to the left. On completing each stitch always bring the needle out in correct position for beginning the next. 

Bullion Stitch and Star Stitch

bullion and star stitchBullion and Star Stitch

A very pretty and useful design using the bullion stitch is the Bullion and Star stitch. It is easily made by using three or six close rows of Bullion stitches with a branching straight stitch between. 

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