Bulgarian Embroidery

Bulgarian embroidery is used almost exclusively upon heavy linens and canvas. It is entirely conventional in design and also in manner of working.

The Bulgarian colors are mostly dull Olives, Grays, Greens, Blues and Copper shades, with an occasional dash of Yellow, bright Red, or Heliotrope to give life to the design.

The conventional stitches are used almost entirely, and quick color effects are sought after. Where there are solid figures, such as a leaf or a flower form, it is covered with Ismit or Janina Stitch, or sometimes a Brier Stitch, carried from stem to tip and then outlined. In this way a broad color effect is obtained with but little expenditure of time or material. This is the system which governs the working of the Bulgarian embroideries.

The distinctive feature of the work is the Black outline which is used around every form and every color employed in the whole design. This outline may be in Kensington Outline Stitch, in a Cross Stitch, or indeed in any of the narrow outline stitches preferred.

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