Brick Stitch

Brick stitch is in reality a system of running or darning stitches. It is an all-over or grounding stitch. It may be used as a Couching, or in simple series of single lines as in the illustration.

First run a row of stitches of the same length, with a space of the same length between each two stitches. Then run another row in the same line, so that the stitches will come in the spaces left vacant. Make a number of rows in the same way, keeping all the rows the same distance apart. These constitute the horizontal lines of the brick work. 

Now run in the perpendicular lines, seeing that they alternate properly. One perpendicular always runs from the middle of one brick to the space between the two above it. Of course, in running the horizontal lines, care must be taken to have the stitches alternate, the spaces between two coming opposite the middle of another. 

brick stitch

Brick Stitch is suitable for filling large leaves in conventional designs. Rope silk may be used for the purpose, so may silk cord. 

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