Blanket Stitch

Blanket Stitch is employed to form an ornamental finish to cloth, serge, and other thick materials, when they are used as the foundation for embroidered counterpanes, tablecloths, etc., whose substance is too thick to allow of their edges being turned in and hemmed over. The stitch derives its name from its having originally been used as an edging to blankets, but its foundation is Buttonhole worked in various patterns, all of which can be used upon one edging if desired, the only essential to this stitch being that it is formed of wide-apart Buttonhole, and is worked with course crewels. When used as a decorative stitch only or working with lighter weight fabrics, finer threads can be used.

To work:

In every case, the stitch is worked from left to right. The needle is inserted just inside the edge of the applied piece and brought out just below it, with the thread under the needle point, as shown in the illustration below.

Blanket Stitch
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This Stitch can be varied simply by changing the length of the stitches. The illustration below gives two such variations, but the possibilities are endless.

Blanket Stitch Variations
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This stitch may also be used for finishing the edges of materials which are to be fringed. A few threads of the fabric are pulled out, then a Buttonhole Stitch is worked at intervals along the edge, to prevent the remaining threads from raveling, after which the outer part is fringed.

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