Embroidery on Chip

The Victorian Answer to
Hot Pad and Table Coaster Needs

The material upon which Embroidery on Chip was executed was manufactured abroad, and was made either of fine plaited chips or wood shavings. Rushes dried and plaited together would form the same kind of foundation and would have the same appearance of coarse Java canvas, and are as suitable as the chips to form the mats and other articles for keeping heat and wet from furniture for which this work was used.  

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To replicate the sample above: The embroidery is executed in bright colored silks, and the designs and stitches are extremely simple. The design given of this work in the above illustration is a mat with its four corners filled in with sprays of flowers, and the center ornamented with a star, and of three shades of a bright-colored silk, and where the points meet in the center of the star, work one Cross Stitch in the medium shade of silk. 

Work the cornflower sprays in blue and green silks, the cornflowers in PICOT, the leaves in SATIN, and the stems in CREWEL STITCH. Work the rosebuds in rose color and green silk, the buds in Picot and Satin Stitch, the leaves in Satin, and the stems in Crewel stitch. Work the pansies in shades of purple silk with amber centers, leaves and flowers in Satin Stitch. Work the ragged robin in white and green silks, the flowers in Picots of white silk with a FRENCH KNOT as center, the principal leaves in Picot, the stems in Crewel Stitch. Edge the mat with a double Vandyke line in POINT RUSSE worked with the darkest shade of color used in the center star.

Today, it would be hard, if not impossible, to find the matting material discussed to make your own Embroidery on Chip pieces but other straw mats could be used if thick enough to protect your furniture. I believe I have seen mats resembling this type of item in stores but they were to be used for decorative purposes, not as hot pads.

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