Victorian Box Patchwork Pattern
also known as
Block Patchwork Pattern

Box Patchwork pattern, also known as the Block Patchwork pattern or Tumbling Block pattern is made by arranging diamonds so that three of them form a solid raised block, of which two sides and the top are shown; and this look is given to the flat surface entirely by the arrangement of the diamonds as to color. 

box patchwork patternbox patchwork pattern

To form: Procure a number of pieces of silk of three shades of one color, such as yellow, deep gold and chestnut, or pale blue, peacock blue, and indigo blue, and cut out form each shade an equal number of diamonds. These must be made in 3 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and 2 inches from corner to corner. 

Join a chestnut-colored silk to a deep gold silk, so as to make a straight line between them, the slant of the diamond in each going upward; put the dark color on the right hand, the lighter upon the left hand. These two diamonds form the sides of the Block. Take the light-yellow diamond, and make with it the top of the Block, fit it into the angle formed by the upward slant of the sides, so that it lies across them, the points of its width being upwards, and those of the length horizontal. 

Make a number of these blocks, shading them all in the same way, and then join them together, thus: On the left side left unattached of the light-yellow top, join the underside of a chestnut piece and to the right side of the yellow top the underside of a deep golden piece. 

This will produce the effect of a number of successive blocks of wood arranged diagonally across the work. The dark side of these blocks is often made with velvet, and by this arrangement the sections stand out with great boldness.

Of course, other colors may be used when following this Box Patchwork pattern. The sky's the limit on what colors and color combinations that may be used. Be creative!

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