Dresden Watch Pocket

This Dresden Watch Pocket was available in 1904, technically the Edwardian, not Victorian, era. However, since the design is a carry over from the Victorian era and it still has the Victorian style, I thought you might enjoy it.

Dresden Watch Pocket, c. 1904.
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Dresden Watch Pocket on White Linen

The watch pocket pictured above is formed of two white linen covered cardboard discs, joined with a puffing of Blue satin ribbon. The discs measure 2½ inches in diameter. One skein each of Brainerd & Armstrong's Filoselle in shades 2471,2473, 2031a, 2018, 2002, 2621 gives a good variety for the flowers and leaves.

Note: Brainerd & Armstrong’s Filoselles are not easily found (unless you find them on Ebay or a site such as that). I do have a chart of their colors but it is so small it is very difficult to match Brainerd and Armstrong’s colors to the more popular DMC colors of today. While the following colors may not be exact matches, it will give you an idea of what colors were used for this project. It will be up to you to choose the colors that work best for you or you think coordinate well. I believe the following colors to be a close equivalent but as my sample chart is over 110 or more years old, the colors could have change slightly over the years. That said, here are the approximate colors: B&A 2471 = DMC 818, B&A 2743 = DMC 2473, B&A 2031a = DMC 3856, B&A 2018 = DMC 977, B&A 2002 is a step or two down from the brightest white floss, B&A 2621 = DMC 472.

To make: Embroider one disk to be used as the front, the back can remain plain, if you like. Place the circle of cardboard on the back side of the embroidered circle then place a circle of chamois on top of the cardboard, sandwiching the cardboard between the fabrics. Tuck in the raw edges and sew the two pieces together. Repeat these steps for the back circle.

Attach the puffing to the disks. The satin puffing extends about three-quarters of the way around the discs, leaving an opening at the top for inserting the watch.

Narrow blue ribbon, matching the puffing in color is used for the hangers.The ribbon may be attached in two different manners.

1. One strand of the ribbon is to be attached to the back of the pocket and another strand of ribbon attached to the front of the pocket. The free ends are tied in a pretty bow. A small bow of the same ribbon is sewed on top of the front ribbon where it attaches to the front pocket.

2.Attach both ribbons to the back of the plain back disk.


At the time of its availability as a kit, the kit consisted of stamped white linen, cardboard mounts and two pieces of chamois for the lining.

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