Victorian Christmas Ornaments

Would you like your very own Victorian Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree? Well you have come to the right place! Below are 7 tree decorations you will want to try.

Articles for Christmas Trees
from Cassell’s Household Guide, edited for use on this website

A Christmas tree may be made at home for a very trifling cost. Long as they have been in fashion in England for juvenile parties, or for Christmas-eve, these trees seem to be still in favour almost as much as ever. Christmas-trees may be covered with paltry trifles, or made the medium of dispensing suitable gifts amongst the members of a household.

When the latter plan is to be adopted, each article is to be marked with the name of the intended recipient. It is also very well to add a few boxes of sugar-plums and valueless trifles, which can afterwards be raffled for.

The ordinary Christmas-tree is covered wit miscellaneous articles, some of more value than others, which are either distributed at hazard by the lady deputed to cut them down, or lots are drawn out of a bag of numbers corresponding to those fixed on the little presents themselves.

A good sized fir-tree, of regular shape, and with nice wide-spreading arms, is wanted. Cover this at regular intervals with gellatine lights, which are ordinary night-lights, each one contained in a little cup of gay-coloured gelatine, resembling the glass lamps used at illuminations when gas is not employed. Take care to place these lights so that not one of them is put under a bough, which it may set alight. Suspend them by fine wire, not cotton or string, which will take fire. A little behind every light arrange a bright tin reflector, star, or silvered glass ball. A number of flags are requisite to add to the gaiety of the tree, which a few bows of coloured ribbon will also enhance.


Here are some items you will surely want to make and put on your tree!

Beautiful Paper Cones

Sugar-Plum Case

Pedestal Ornament

Muff Ornament

Hour Glass Ornament

Drum Ornament

Lucky Shoe Ornament


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