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Welcome to the Victorian Embroidery and Crafts Sitemap - the old, disorganized one. To go to a more organized, easier to navigate sitemap, please click here. On the new and improved Sitemap, items are arranged in groupings so finding "just what you are looking for" is so much simplier. The items below are in the order they were written for the site and this list is incomplete as I have started to keep all the pages more organized.

On this page you will find some the embroidery and craft pages that exist on this site. Find instructions, illustrations and patterns to make authentic Victorian needlework and craft items - many of them FREE! brings you the best of embroidery and crafts the Victorian age had to offer. It's all here - intricate fancy-work to easy-to-do embroidery patterns as well as crafts that fit anyone's level of talent. Be sure to check out every page. You'll never know what great things you'll be missing if you don't!

Borders and Insertions
Embroidery borders and insertions can add something special to almost any article. Here are illustrations of stitches that can take your items from so-so to WOW!

Botanical Stitches
Botanical stitches and illustrations can be found here. Illustrations on the proper embroidery methods to use will help you achieve professional results!

Contact Form
Contact me to comment on what you see, what you would like to see on this website, or any questions you may have concerning Victorian embroidery or crafts.

Embroidery Instructions
Find great embroidery instructions with illustrations for victorian embroidery projects here.

Embroidery Stitches
More great embroidery stitches with instructions brought to you by Victorian Embroidery and Crafts. Use to make wonderful needlework articles for your home which will be loved and cherished for years to come.

Fireplace Mantel Lambrequins
Authentic Victorian fireplace mantel lambrequin instructions! Make your fireplace a beautiful focal point just like Victorian women did.

Victorian Fireplace Screen
The fireplace screen. Who would have ever thought such a humble item could become such a fashion statement?

Hand Embroidery
Hand embroidery is an art of it's own. Care must be taken from the very first step to the last. Learn the finer points in hand embroidery to ensure your project becomes a work of art you are proud of. Victorian Embroidery and Crafts shows you how!

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VEAC Newsletter
The VEAC Newsletter is designed to provide great Victorian needlework and craft projects for lovers of the Victorian Era. It provides you with patterns, illustrations, and directions.

Victorian Aprons
Fancy Victorian aprons were a fit companion to the work-basket, and much artistic taste was expended on this garment to make it a bit of loveliness so beloved by those in the Victorian era.

Victorian Style Napkins
Find authentic instructions and designs for Victorian style napkins here! Use the very same instructions and patterns used by the ladies of the Victorian era.

Victorian Crafts
Find authentic Victorian crafts here! Use the very same instructions and illustrations used by the ladies of the Victorian era.

Whisk Broom Holder
Instructions on making your own embroidered whisk broom holder. Easy to follow instructions provided.

Secrets of Embroidery
The secrets of embroidery can soon be discovered by reading the words of a woman who was well known for her knowledge of great embroidery as well as her ability to teach others, through words, how they may also be able to produce wonderful works of art for their homes.

Embroidery Needles
An item to claim attention of any embroiderer is the matter of needles, and be sure this is a very important item in the embroiderer's outfit, as upon the use of proper needles depends much of the beauty of the work.

The Embroidery Hoop
An embroidery hoop or frame is an essential piece of equipment to any embroiderer. Today's hoops still retain the general shapes as were used 100 or more years ago and the sizes available then are still available today. Below is some information which was published in 1889 to instruct ladies in the use of this important item.

Single or Double Thread
It is sometimes confusing on whether to use a single or double thread when embroidering. Here is some information that Victorian ladies were given when the question "single or double threads?" arose.

Sachets. What can be more Victorian? The word "sachet" seems to bring thoughts of Victorian ladies with these beautiful little packets tucked here and there to add aroma to every corner of the home.

Arrasene Embroidery
Arrasene, also spelled arasene, is an embroidery material that was very popular during Victorian times but is not seen much today. It was introduced for artistic embroidery around 1883 and was thought to likely supersede Filoselle and Crewels in all kinds of bold designs in decorative needlework.

Types of Embroidery
Types of embroidery includes every sort of ornamental work done with a sewing needle of any kind. Embroidery may be done on any number of fabrics from satin to canvas. Victorian ladies embraced them all!

Cross-stitch Embroidery
Cross-stitch has not changed much over the past centuries. It's easy, fun, and can be done quickly. Try these authentic Victorian patterns and see what beautiful items can be made.

Embroidery Materials
The final results of your project depend on the quality of products you use. Top quality embroidery materials are requisite. Learn more here!

Canvas Material
The final results of your project depend on the quality of products you use. Top quality embroidery materials are requisite. Learn more here!

Vintage Pincushions
Vintage pincushions come in all shapes and sizes. Each one possesses special attractions, and all are so pretty. Find authentic Victorian pincushion patterns and instructions here.

Victorian Picture Frames
Victorian picture frames, as well as frames for mirrors, were all the rage during the Victorian era. Here you can find authentic illustrations and directions on how to create them for yourself!

Embroidery Fabrics
Don't know one fabric from another? Here is a list of vintage embroidery fabrics, each with a brief description, that were more generally used for decorative purposes in 1902.

Victorian Letter Holder
A letter holder was almost a necessity for those living in the Victorian era. Here you will find free directions on how to make your own authentic Victorian letter holder.

Victorian Scarf
When one see a highly decorated scarf, one almost immediately thinks "That's a Victorian scarf!". Find illustrations and directions on how to make you own authentic Victorian scarf for your home.

Victorian Sewing Case
The Victorian Sewing Case is the epitome of Victorian ingenuity of mixing organization, beauty and practicality. Find authentic Victorian illustrations and instructions to make your very own sewing case.

Redwork is as popular today as it ever was. Children and adults alike can enjoy this type of embroidery. Find out more about it here.

Redwork Instructions
Love Redwork? Redwork instructions are here. Find how simple it is to make your very own Redwork embroidery pieces. Whether you want to make a simple doily or a beautiful Redwork quilt, these instructions will have you stitching in no time!

Transfer Methods
Which transfer method will work best for you? There are a number of ways to transfer patterns to your material. Here are a few ways you may not have thought about and may want to give a try.

Free Redwork Pattern
Want to try your hand at Redwork. Find your free Redwork pattern here!

There are few things more Victorian than crochet. Find anything you wanted to know about vintage crochet HERE!

Crochet Abbreviations
You will find a "cheat sheet" of crochet abbreviations for today's crochet patterns.

Crochet Instructions
Find authentic victorian crochet instructions here. Wonderful illustrations to help you learn to crochet.

FREE Victorian Crochet Pattern
FREE Victorian Crochet Pattern for you! Authentic 1895 pattern. Give it a try!

Vintage Victorian Knitting Information
Vintage Victorian knitting information for you to use to make your very own AUTHENTIC Victorian knitwear.

Vintage Knitting Stitches
Find vintage knitting stitches along with descriptions and instructions here. Learn how Victorian ladies produced such wonderful knitted works of art!

AUTHENTIC Victorian Knitting Pattern!
An authentic Victorian Knitting Pattern for a Lady’s Mitten! Directions and materials required are listed for easy use.

Florentine Embroidery
Florentine Embroidery is a wonderful embroidery technique that makes a very pretty filling for open or cut out spaces in a design, simulating as it does drawn work, or punched work.

Mediaeval Embroidery
Find original 1889 information and instructions on Mediaeval embroidery here.

English Eyelet Embroidery
English Eyelet Embroidery became very popular in the late 1800’s. Here you will the stitches most commonly used by Victorian ladies for this beautiful type of embroidery.

Satin Stitches
Satin stitches are one of most important embroidery stitches to master. These stitches are found in several types of work. Here you can find what type of work they are most used in and how to do them as well!

Couching Stitches
The Couching Stitch can produce admirable results on almost any embroidery project. Learn how to add the “special touch” to your project.

Narcissus Table Runner
This Narcissus table runner (Centerpiece)is quite simple to make and makes a great addition to your Victorian table setting.

Wound Stitches
Although consisting of more than one stitch, many use the term “wound stitch” synonymously with French Knot, Twisted Knot Stitch, or French Dot Stitch.

Special Designs
These special designs are complete directions on how to embroider specific fruits, flowers, and more!

Embroider the Strawberry
Learn to embroider the strawberry and make realistic looking strawberries using these original Victorian instructions. The results will be fantastic!

Coronation Rose Embroidery
Use Coronation Rose Embroidery to make beautiful roses with coronation braid and French knots.

Brier Stitch
Here you will find how to make the essential Brier Stitch and all its variations.

Rambler Rose Embroidery
Love embroidery? Love Roses? Have the best of both worlds. Using this Rambler Rose embroidery to any project will definitely make it special!

Principles of Stitch Direction
Principles of Stitch Direction will help you embroider realistic (and beautiful) flowers and other plants. Knowing this information can make all the difference!

Embroider the Sweet Pea
Here you will find an authentic Victorian directions and illustrations for embroidering the beautiful Sweet Pea.

Embroider the Carnation.
It may look easy to embroider the carnation but they can be tricky. The task can be made easier if one follows the instructions given here.

Gretchen embroidery
Gretchen embroidery is an unusual embroidery technique not often found. See what it's all about here!

Crocheted Bag aka Miser's Bag
Create a beautiful crocheted purse known as a Miser’s Purse using vintage instructions from the Victorian Era.

Punched Work
Not your everyday embroidery and not to be confused with today's Punch Work.

Mexican Wheel
The Mexican Wheel embroidery stitch / style is not written or illustrated often. Here you will find the instructions for this unique embroidery.

Mexican Square
The Mexican Square is not widely published, at least not in the books I have or the research I have done. Since it is unusual, it may be the perfect addition to your embroidery fancy work.

French Laid Embroidery
French Laid Embroidery, also known as White Work has been appreciated all over the world. Learn how to make your own masterpiece using these instructions.

Buttonhole Stitch
Here you will find many of the variations of Buttonhole stitches, also called "overcast" stitches. These stitches are ones that you will be glad you know!

Embroider the Daisy
Daisies are such wonderful flowers. They are light, bright and breezy. Daisies make just about everyone happy by just looking at them. Embroider the daisy on an oft used item to bright your day!

Embroider the Holly
Learn the tricks Victorian ladies used to embroider the Holly. It can be a little tricky, but with these instructions, you project will look amazingly life-like.

Crocheted Luncheon Set
This crocheted luncheon set will help you set a perfect table for lunch, tea, or any time! Now you can make your own using these authentic vintage instructions.

Child's Crocheted Cap
Crocheted baby or children's items are VERY Victorian. Here you will find instructions for a wonderful vintage child's crocheted cap that may be lined or unlined, whichever you wish.

Beading Stitch
The beading stitch is sometimes used where very light sprays are introduced into the design. Here you will find instructions on how to make this wonderfully dainty stitch.

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