A Victorian Valentine's Day
Party Menu

A Victorian Valentine’s Day Party Menu may be almost anything appropriate to the season, since a Valentine party by its very nature precludes formality, and Madame Grundy’s opinion may for once be set at naught.

If one’s desires are elaborate, salad and coffee can be served, followed by ice-cream frozen in valentine moulds, and cakes made at a baker’s, covered with roses of frosting, bow-knots, and heart and Cupids. But refreshments which are much simpler will taste quite as well, and will carry out the spirit of the evening much better.

High TeaCoffee and sandwiches alone, or with accessories like pates or dainty croquettes, if the weather is cold and brisk, will prove most acceptable. The sandwiches can be cut easily into fancy shapes making a pasteboard pattern, laying it over the slice of bread, and outlining it with a sharp knife. Diamonds, hearts, Cupids, even bows and arrows can be made in this way with comparatively little trouble.

A particularly good sandwich is made of white bread buttered, and spread with a paste composed of cream-cheese and walnuts. Six table-spoonfuls of cream-cheese mixed with half a cup of walnut meats chopped fine make enough sandwiches for twelve people with appetites not too sturdy. If the cheese is dry, enough cream should be added to make a smooth paste.

valentine candyHeart shaped cookies can be made with a heart shaped cutter, which can be used, as well, to cut out the heart shaped sandwiches. It is possible, also, to find heart shaped tins for pate-shells. These can be filled with any one of the delicious combinations of chicken, lobster, mushrooms, or anything else that the hostess can contrive.

Of course, for a warm evening nothing is more refreshing than cream or an ice of some kind. The Valentine significance can be given by baking little cakes in heart shaped tins, or by covering the large cakes with red frosting, or white frosting decorated with red caraway mites or cinnamon drops.

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