Trellis Stitch

The Trellis Stitch is, in reality, a genuine “Mount Mellick” (Mountmellick) stitch, and is used to work out Mount Mellick designs. It can be used, very successfully, in any embroidery design requiring a filling stitch.

Trellis Stitch
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To work: Hold the material so as to proceed from right to left and bring out the needle at the top of the leaf. (See figure above). Hold the silk under the left hand thumb, and take a stitch from right to left on the lower outline, below the thread held by the thumb, and so that the point of the needle passes over the silk, draw through, hold the silk under the thumb again, and take a stitch on the top outline, passing the silk from under the thumb to go under the point of the needle, draw through, and repeat these two motions, taking the stitches close together upon the outline, widening the trellis to the shape of the leaf and gradually narrowing as the end of the leaf is approached. Where the base of leaf was rather broad the narrowing process would be omitted. After the trellis is worked the leaf may be outlined if desired, though the effort is good without.

This trellis stitch is frequently used to fill the center of leaves that have the edges worked in short and long or flat satin stitch. The figure below, which represents a spray of rose leaves, is worked in this manner. The stem is worked out with cable plait stitch. The leaves are worked in flat satin stitch around the edges, and the center space is filled with this stitch. This is a particularly graceful and delicate manner of working spray of foliage.

Trellis Stitch Sample
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