A Trailing Arbutus Design to Embroider or Paint

Trailing Arbutus

This Trailing Arbutus design was published in 1881 by Harper’s Bazaar. It has been edited for use on this site. The picture above has been added to give those unfamiliar with the flower an idea what it looks like.

It’s large design is wonderful for larger articles but could easily be reduced with a graphics program to make it suitable for just about any size of project.

Trailing Arbutus Design

This is one of the most graceful and delicate of all designs. The flower of the trailing arbutus, or Epigaea repens, as it is more correctly called, being Trailing Arbutus Design
peculiar to America, is a favorite one for embroidery. The design may be worked in either crewels or silks, the flowers and buds in three pale shades of pink, using the two lightest for the flower and the two darkest for the buds.

A small French knot of pale yellow should be placed in the centre of the flower; the leaves should be worked in three or four shades of olive green, using a red-brown for some of the veins and the decayed parts.

This design may be used for dresses, wrappings, bags, mouchoir cases, fans, bureau and buffet covers, and on either satin, cloth, linen, or other suitable materials.

The cost of stamping and supplying materials, with the work begun for the buffet or bureau scarf, is $3.75 at the Society of Decorative Art; satin bags and mouchoir cases cost from $3 upward*.

*PLEASE NOTE:* The above pricing and availability information for the items listed above were printed in 1881. The information was included in this article because (a) I wanted to give you the article in its entirety and (b) to show the cost of such items at that time. I am unaware that this pattern or those describe in the paragraph immediately above are available anywhere at this time.

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