Specialty Satin Stitches

There are a number of what I call Specialty Satin Stitches. These stitches use the Satin Stitch extensively, as well as one or two other stitches to create a unique design. The names of the stitches reflect the particular use for which they were intended. I am sure that if you have embroidered, you probably have used some of them and not even know you were using special stitches!

Specialty Satin Stitches

BEAD STITCH — This stitch is used in making representations of rows of beads. Each group consists of three Satin stitches, a central one with two side stitches.

Bead Stitch

BERRY STITCH — The Berry Stitch is used for working berries, seeds of fruit, etc. It is a small Satin stitch, worked as for bead work. It may be used padded or otherwise. The inner portion should be colored strands with a black or dark outline.

Berry Stitch

FIGURE STITCH — This is the Satin stitch that is used for working raised figures. Strands of cotton are first laid down, following the lines of the figure, and the working is then done as in the illustration below.

Figure Stitch

PADDING STITCH — Close Satin stitch can be worked over a raised or padded grounding. The below illustration shows how to work this stitch.

Padding Stitch

RIBBON STITCH — A Satin stitch which gives the appearance of narrow ribbon. Overcast closely and then backstitch each edge very evenly.

Ribbon Stitch

SQUARE-AND-CIRCLE STITCH — This may be worked large or small for borders. Draw parallel lines to gauge distances. If large, work the squares and circles in Satin stitch, if small, simple outline stitches are sufficient.

Square-and-Circle Stitch

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