Persian Cross Stitch

Persian Cross Stitch is still another variation of the Herringbone Stitch, and differing but little in appearance from the Persian Stitch; it is somewhat less heavy, however. It is used in Ticking and other fancy Embroideries, and largely employed in Persian and other Oriental embroideries. This stitch is also known as Vienna Cross.

It consists of a long slanting stitch, crossed with one half its size, and used irregularly about the work to fill in spaces, and not formed into rows. It can, however, be worked in rows, and then forms a line resembling Herringbone, with one of the vandyked lines longer than the other.

Knitted Bootee
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To work as separate stitch: Take a slanting stitch across the material, a quarter of an inch long, and cross it in the center wit a stitch one-eighth of an inch long.

To work in rows: Take a long stitch across four perpendicular threads, and cross it with a stitch taken over the last two of these threads. Commence the next stitch thus: Cross over the two last threads of the first stitch and over two new ones, and cross back over the last two threads. Work this last made stitch until the line is filled in.

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