Victorian Pedestal Ornament

A pedestal ornament was often used during the Victorian era because it was used to hold small gifts and could be hung on the tree. Add a few of these to your Christmas tree to give it a Victorian touch.


Victorian Christmas Ornament – Pedestal

A pedestal is a good design for a fancy case. A design for one is given in Fig. 8, above, to construct it, take a piece of card large enough to allow for its four sides. Cut this like Fig. 1, below, allowing four equals sides and a bit over; half-cut through the dotted lines on the right side. Join it round with the small piece inside, and fix it with strong gum. Cut a square larger than the pedestals, for the base.

Victorian Christmas Ornament – pedestal part

Turn under the little pieces that may be noticed at the base in Fig. 10 (see below), below the dotted line, gum them, and fix on the base.

Victorian Christmas Ornament – Base

For the lid, cut a piece like the base, and a second piece like Fig. 10. Half-cut through the dotted lines. Join the piece as the pedestal was joined, and fix the top to this piece in a similar way to that used in joining the base, but Fig. 9 (below) must be a little narrower each side than Fig. 1, so that the smaller piece, Fig. 9, may neatly fit just inside the larger, Fig. 1.

Victorian Christmas Ornament – Base Lid

Another way to make this is to cut two pieces like Fig. 1, one just small enough to fit inside the other, and fix square ends of equal size to each. To close the box, put one inside another. Ornament the outer one with coloured paper, and bind the edges with gold, or merely bind the edges and draw a group of flowers on each side in water-colours, and also on the lid.

Click on the below graphic to get all hour glass templates on one page.

Victorian Christmas Ornament – Pedestal  templates
Click on picture to see more detail.


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