Victorian Paper Cones

Who hasn’t seen those fancy Victorian paper cones used as Christmas ornaments. Here is how the Victorians made them.

Christmas Ornament – cone or cornucopia
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A good many small ornamental paper boxes and cases holding sugar-plums will add well to the decorations of the tree. To make paper cones, cut squares in white or coloured paper. Fold the square in half, like Fig. 2, below, and cut off the piece at the top, making the two sides equal. When opened it will resemble Fig. 3, below. Gum it as far as the dotted line, and join it. Be sure to join it so that there is not a hole at the point.

Christmas Ornament – cone or cornucopia, part 1
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If it is made of white paper, cut some stripes of red, of green, and of gold paper. Edge it with gold, and paste strips of red, green and gold round it spirally at intervals. If the cone is made of coloured paper, use gold white, and some favourably contrasting hue. Fig. 4, above, illustrates it.

Christmas Ornament –cornucopia with cover
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Another pretty way to make a rather superior ornament is, to cut a cone of bright green satin-paper, and join it. Cut a scarlet tassel, and fasten it at the point. To the top gum a piece of scarlet sarcenet, with a mouth like a bag, and over the join run some blond lace; turn a row each way and gum a strip of gold paper between (see Fig. 5).

Click on the below graphic to get all hour glass templates on one page.

Victorian Christmas Ornament – Paper Cone template
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