Other Necessary Instruments
for Embroidery

Other necessary instruments needed for hand embroidery is discussed in this continued article The Theory and Method of Embroidery, Part 1. Equipment - How to Prepare for Work written by Mrs. L. Barton Wilson.

Published in Corticelli Home Needlework, 1899
Edited by M. Schlueter

Other Necessary Instruments


Of the other instruments necessary the needle is of especial importance.

See this article on Needles  or  What needle to use.

Thimbles and Scissors

scissors and thimbles

Two thimbles should be used when embroidering in a frame. The scissors should be true and sharp and not too small. A medium sized pair will be far more convenient for cutting the silk and certainly for cutting out the scalloped edges than the little ones often called" embroidery scissors." Anything which tends to make the work" puttering" should be avoided. We need freedom and perfect ease in embroidery.

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