All About Net Embroidery
Published c. 1887

Net Embroidery is an effective way of ornamenting White or Black Net for dress trimmings, caps, and other small articles of dress. You may find it also useful for home decorative items that are used for decorative purposes only.

Net Embroidery Figures

To work as shown in Figs. 1, 2 and 3: Trace the design upon calico, and strengthen the calico with a brown paper backing. Tack the Net down upon the pattern and work the various stars over in Satin Stitch, and with filoselles of bright colors and shades that bear candle light.

Net Embroidery Fig. 3
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Figure 4 Below: This design is for a Necktie end, and is worked with silk cord and filoselle upon Brussels Net.

Net Embroidery for Tie
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To Work: Trace the design as before mentioned, and lay the Net over it, and then loop the Cord over the lines so as to follow the pattern outlines. Knot the cord together and secure with a Buttonhole Stitch taken through the Net where indicated, and make the center Wheel and the small Pyramids with filoselle; also work the small Stars and the Buttonhole Edging with the same material.

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