Free Filet Crochet Patterns

These free filet crochet patterns are authentic Victorian patterns. Note that some items may need to be substituted for items available in today's market.

Filet Crochet Flower Doily
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Number 100 D. M. C. Crochet Cotton was used, and the doily measured 6 ¾ inchesin diameter. The crochet needle required is No. 14.

To make tlie doily: Start with 12 meshes, that is, chain 36 plus 1 plus 5 stitches equals 42, d c in 9th stitch and make 12 open meshes in the 1st row.

2d row — Chain 12, plus 5 to turn, d c in 9th st and make 4 open meshes (it is easyto carry out chain at the last end of a row, to widen at the first of the succeeding row), 12 solid meshes, then make 4 open meshes as follows:

Two chain, 1 double treble (d t) (3 loops) and join this d t at the top of the 1st row. Three times more, make this square mesh and join each time on a line with the top of the 1st row, forming 4 open meshes. At the end of each added mesh, the needle is left at the top of the mesh, ready to make another or to turn.

This peculiar method is necessary in widening at the end of a row where there is nothing to crochet to, and three sides of a mesh must be made as one proceeds. To narrow, simply omit one or more meshes at the last end of the row. At the first end, draw the stitch on the needle the length of a mesh and slip in the top of d c. Repeat this for each mesh that is to be omitted, then make 5 chain for an open mesh and proceed according to the design, Fig. 2, below. The loose threads left in this way are nicely covered when the edge is finished with s c.

Filet Crochet Flower Doily pattern.
Click on picture to see more detail.

When the last row of twelve open meshes is finished, make one chain-stitch and cover the edgewith 3 s c over each single side of a mesh, and 5 s c where two sides of a mesh form the edge. The final caution is to make the crocheting square.

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