This knitted Tulip Wreath Flower Vase Mat was published c. 1870. It was during this time that every Victorian girl learned to knit at a very early age. Projects like this were often published not only in books but ladies’ magazines and were very appreciated by their readers.

Directions for this Flower Vase Mat

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Four (4) each of the following colors - 12 shades of amber, 7 shades of lilac, 4 shades of green.; 5 Steel Needles, No. 14. Cardboard foundation, covered with white or amber cambric, 8 inches in diameter.


    K. means knit;
    k. 2+ - knit two together;
    p. - purl;
    t. f. - thread forward.
FOR THE FLOWER VASE MAT: Knit 4 rounds of each shade of amber, beginning with the lightest. Cast on 2 stitches on each of 4 needles; bring the wool forward, knit half the stitches on the first needle; t. f. and k. the other half; repeat the same on each of the other 3 needles; k. the next round plain; repeat these two rounds until there are 48 stitches on each needle; then cast off, and sew this on the covered cardboard foundation.

Tulips: 5 tulips to be knitted in 7 shades of amber, and 5 in 7 shades of lilac; 4 rounds to be knitted of each shade; 4 needles. Cast on 2 stitches on each of 3 needles; t.f. at the commencement of each needle; k. 1 plain round; purl a round, increasing at commencement of each needle.

Repeat these two rounds till there are 22 stitches on each of the three needles; then first k. 3, k. 2+, k. 1, k. 2+, k. 3; turn the work back, and purl the stitches.

3rd: K. 2, k. 2+, k. 1, k. 2+, k. 2.

4th: Turn back and purl.

5th: K. 2, k. 2+, k. 1, k. 2+, k 2.

6th: Turn back and purl.

7th: K. 1, k. 3+, k. 1.

8th: Purl.

9th: K. 3+.

20 tulips will be required to complete this mat.

Knitted Tulip Wreath Flower Vase Mat
Click on picture to see more detail.

THE LEAVES (10 of which will be necessary): 4 shades of green, 12 rows of each; 2 needles.

Cast on 3 stitches; k. plain, till before the center stitch; t.f. and k. the center stitch; t.f., k. the remainder plain; p. the next row; repeat these 2 rows, till there are 12 open stitches up the vein of the leaf; then k. 1, k. 2+, k. plain, till 2 from the center stitch; then k. 2+, t.f., k. 1, t.f., k. 2+, k. plain, till 3 from the end; then k. 2+, k. 1; p. the next row; repeat till there are 8 more open stitches, that is, 20 from the beginning; then k. 2+ at the beginning and end of every other row, till the last ends in a point.

Now sew the leaves round the mat by the part where the stem should be; then sew the tulips on as in engraving, sewing the leaf about 6 rows from the point on the stem of the tulip.

Upon completion you will have a very beautiful, and unique, flower vase mat that will look lovely on almost any table, in any room.

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