Victorian Gift – Fish Pincushion

This is truly an authentic Victorian gift – a fish pincushion. After all, the Victorians loved nature. And fish seemed to be a favor subject for most living in that era. Fish could be seen painted on plaques and mirrors, embroidered on doilies and napkins, pillows were made in their shape, and the list goes on. This pincushion is sure to bring a smile on any true Victorian lover’s face because, well, it’s SO Victorian.

This also could be made to use as a Christmas ornament - with or without the pins.

Gift No. 5

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Fish Pincushion

Victorian Gift – Fish Pincushion
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    1. A small.card,
    2. A little bit of grey silk,
    3. A little bit of Brussels net,
    4. A few pins, and
    5. A bit of wadding.
Cut two cards, the shape of Fig. 9; cover each on one side with grey silk, tacked across the back from edge to edge, every way straining it tight. Colour on one side with Indian ink; draw the eyes, rings round them, the nostrils, and the division of the head. Cover both pieces with white net.

Sew the two together; when one side is sewn, put a little wadding between. When nearly sewn all round, stuff in with the scissors more wadding, if wanted. There should be enough to make the fish look as plump as a real one.

If a little powder scent is put in with the wadding it is an improvement.

Put on the fins and tail with pins in the manner shown in Fig, 9, and between them, all round the fish, place pins close in.


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