Fancy Tidy

Fancy tidy with ribbon and stars
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This fancy tidy is a dainty piece of work which is formed of an oblong section of silk, all the edges of which are fringed out neatly.

Inside the fringe the edges are bordered with three strips of velvet ribbon, which are pointed at the ends and extend the full breadth or width, as the case may be; the lower ends of the lengthwise strips falling a short distance below the fringe. These ends are tipped with silk fringe matching the stars holding the ribbons where they are crossed.

A cluster of roses with realistic foliage is appliquéd as shown in the engraving.

The silk is pale blue, the ribbon black, and the stars yellow. The floral decoration, shown on the example, was a appliqué that was available for purchase in 1898. It represents Marechal Neil roses and their foliage. Any rose appliqué available today would work just as well and be just as lovely.

Scrim forms a pretty background and would be less expensive than silk, and a pretty effect might be produced on it by having purple velvet ribbon and an appliqué of clustered pansies. Daisies might take the place of stars, with pretty effect.

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