The Dot Stitch

The Dot Stitch is known by many different names. It is also known as Point de Pois, Point d’Or, Point de Poste, and Dotted. It is used in all kinds of embroidery, either to fill in the centers of leaves and flowers, or to trace out a pattern with a number of single lines made with a series of small dots.

Dot Stitch
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To work: Bring the needle up from the back of the work, outline a tiny circle, and work OVERCAST over it until a small raised knob is formed.

Figure 1, above, is an illustration of a piece of embroidery intended for the corner of a handkerchief, in which the name is worked in the center of the leaf. This is worked in SATIN STITCH, the tendrils in Overcast, and the body of the leaf filled with Dots.

On this particular embroidery piece, the dots herein are too small to outline with a run thread and are made of two Overcast stitches.

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