Diamond Patchwork

The Diamond Patchwork design is one of the prettiest designs of this type of work. It was very popular during the Victorian age and still popular today. Depending on the color combinations, the design can be calm and stately or it can be colorfully wild. This is one design where the creativity and taste of the maker is very apparent when the project is complete.

The information below is from The Dictionary of Needlework: An Encyclopedia of Artistic, Plain and Fancy Needlework. 1887, by S.F.A. Caulfeild and Blanche C. Saward 1887. It has been edited for use on this site.

How to Make the Diamond Design

diamond patchwork detail A
diamond patchwork detail B

The Diamond Patchwork pattern, next to the Hexagon, is the most used design in Patchwork, and looks well when made of two materials, such as silk and velvet, or silk and chintz. It is the easiest of all the figures.

To work: Cut out a number of Diamonds, 3 inches in length and 2 ¼ inches in width. Make half of them in dark materials and half in light. Join them together so that they form alternate rows of light and dark colours across the width of the article.

Another option is to join four pieces of one shade together, so as to make a large Diamond, and sew this to another large Diamond made of four pieces of a contrasting colour to the one placed next it.

Below is a picture of a completed Victorian music stool using this wonderful pattern.

Make A Music Stool with a Diamond Design Cover

music stol with diamond patchwork

The make the music Stool with Patchwork Cover like that above:

The stars are formed of patches made of shades of old gold silk, the six-sided pieces all of the same shade of seal-brown plush.

To work: Cut out the patches, and turn the edges over neatly to the front of the work, as shown in Detail A. Sew the patches together, as shown in Detail B. Finish the stool with tassels and a handsome fringe.

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