Princess Elizabeth Crocheted Bag

Here is another vintage crocheted bag for your fancy work collection. It is a beautiful design and can be made in a number of sizes depending on materials used.

This crocheted bag is a stylish purse that can be made for everyday use or for a very special occasion. It may be made in a single color or many pretty combinations of colors to match one’s costume. Some prefer a lining to match, and others choose a contrasting color. Whether the bag is made with one color or many or has a matching or contrasting liner, it is sure to be beautiful!

Princess Elizabeth
Crocheted Bag Design

Materials required: Two balls Pearl Crochet Cotton, Size 3 or 5;1 No.6 Steel Crochet Hook.

Note — If made with No. 3 Cotton this bag will measure about 8x9 ½ inches,and if made with No. 5 Cotton about 2 inches smaller each way. For a still smallerbag use Corticelli or Brainerd &Armstrong Crochet Silk.

Repeat — This means to work designated rows, rounds, or portions of the workas many times as directed.

Princess Elizabeth Crocheted Bag illustration.

Stars or asterisks mean, as mentioned whenever they occur, that the detailsgiven between them are to be repeated as many times as directed before going onwith the details which follow the next *.

The number immediately following the “O” after the Roll, Rose, Roll Picot,and Rose Treble stitches designates the number of times to throw the cotton over the hook. Example: “Roll st. O 20” means to throw the cotton over the hooktwenty times.


Wind thread 10 times around handle of needle. Slip off and cover with d. c., working very closely, sl. st. to 1st d. c. 8 loops of 5 ch. around this button.

Princess Elizabeth Bag Center How To Illustration

Work a 2d row of 8 loops of 5 ch., 5 ch., 8 roll tr. (O 16) in loop of 5 ch., skip 1 loop, 8 roll tr. In next loop; repeat until there are 4 groups of 8 roll tr. Join to 1st 5 ch. with a sl. st.

Now work a row of 5 ch., sl. st. between roll tr. all around. On this row work 2 more rows of loops of 5 ch. Now work 5 ch., 5 rolltr. (O 16) in loops of 5 ch., skip 1 loop, work 5 roll tr. in next loop.

Repeat until there are 13 groups.

Work 3 rows of loops of 5 ch., then 5 ch., 8 roll tr. (O 12) in a loop, 4 loops of 5ch., 8 roll tr. in next loop; repeat until there are 6 groups.

Now work 3 rows of loops all around.

Work a second side and connect by working 3 ch., sl. st. on second side, 3 ch.,sl. st. on first side; repeat until all but 4 inches of each side is used.

Then work around this opening in loops of 5 ch.; then work a row of 1 rolltr. (O 10) in a loop, 5 ch., skip 1 loop, 1 roll tr. in next loop; repeat.

On this work 5 rows of loops of 6 ch. and in the last row work 7 roll tr. (O 16) ina loop, sl. st. on next loop.

Skip 1 loop, 7 roll tr. in next loop, sl. st. in next loop; repeat until there are 14fans, and then work 2 rows of loops of 5 ch. all around the edge and finish off.

Make 2 long ch. — 16 inches — of double thread and run them through the spaceof roll tr.

Fasten a small crocheted ball on each of the 4 ends.


Upon completion of the above directions, you will have a wonderful crocheted bag that you will be proud to tell your admiring friends and family that you crocheted it yourself!

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