Crochet Tassel Trim

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The crochet tassel trim illustration above shows without tassels, a trimming for bordering small tables. It is crocheted with German wool in three shades of brown. The left side of the work is turned to the outside when the trimming is used, and enriched with gold tinsel. The upper scallops are made first with a middle shade and in constant repetition, as follows: 5 ch. and in these going backwards and leaving the last unworked, 1 sc., 1 half tr., 1 dc., and 1 tr. At the foot of the points the next row is worked with the darkest wool: 1 sl. In the hollow of a scallop, * 12 ch., passing over the last, back into the 11th-7th ch., 1 sc., 3 dc. And 1 sc., 6 ch. 1 sl. In the second next hollow of a scallop but one, 13 ch., take the hook out of the thread loop and put this from below to above through the sixth ch., 5 ch., 1 sl. In the next hollow of a scallop and repeat from star.

The 3d row now follows with the lightest wool, leaving the second row at the back untouched: *In the hollow of the scallop, which is not caught up by the darkest wool, 5 dc., 6 ch. in the fourth of the 7 ch. which form a ring of the darkest wool, 6 sl. Each separated by 5 ch., 6 ch. and repeat from star. Chain stitches of tinsel thread border the upper scallops and the ovals in the second (darkest) row: the rows of chain above the same being wound over several times with tinsel thread, after which, starting from the left side, the middle mesh in the group of bars in the lightest row is united invisibly with the darkest by a few stitches, fastening at the same time both ends of the tinsel thread. The half rosettes of the light wool are then ornamented with long star-like stitches of the latter, and the chains of the two dark shades untied by twisting them several times with the same. 

To make tassels to suspend from each of the points of the crochet tassel trim, take about 40 threads, each from 4 ¾ to 5 ½ inches long of the middle shade; twist over very tight in the middle with black thread, and then about 3/8 inches from below the tinsel thread. Fasten each tassel on the left of the light half rosette by drawing a loop of wool through the black thread.

Published in the Dainty Work for Pleasure and Profit, 1902

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