Victorian Christmas Gifts
Easily Made

If you are looking for Victorian Christmas gifts easily made, here are a few. These items are what Victorians would have made in 1899 or so. These directions come from Harper’s Bazaar, dated that year. The first gift, covered book ends are as useful now and they were then. The tobacco pouch, no so but with a few adjustments, it can be used for a number of other reasons. Take a look and see what you think.

Covered Bookends

covered book endsCovered book ends

Note: The above image is exactly as printed in the magazine. No amount of cleaning it up would improve the details. Sorry!

Ordinary iron book-racks, such as may be bought in hardware stores, are here covered with fancy silk or brocade, and lined with satin. The pattern can be easily cut to fit the rack. The colors here used are peacock blue embroidered with gold and red — a Japanese satin — for the outside, and bright green satin for the inside.

Cigar Ribbon Tobacco Pouch

Tobacco PouchTobacco Pouch

Although cigar ribbons are no longer readily available, ribbon available in craft stores should be a good substitute.

The tobacco-pouch shown above is 6½ inches, and is made of the lemon and orange silk ribbons which come with cigars. These printed ribbons are feather-stitched on the background of yellow silk, lined with oil-silk, and drawn up with yellow cigar ribbon.

 Chamois-skin Tobacco Pouch

Another tobacco-pouch may be made of chamois-skin lined with oil-silk. The bag is 4½ x 6 inches, rounded at the bottom, and drawn up by brown satin cord run through a heading of brown satin fastened to the top of the chamois. The bag is painted in browns, with a design of a young man and the colored flag of his college. On the back of the pouch is the word “Tobacco” in fancy letters arranged irregularly.

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