How to Make Your Very Own Victorian Cardinals Hat Flower Basket

The Cardinals Hat flower basket is uniquely Victorian.

I forgot to note what publication this came from but as soon as I find it, I will add it to this page. It has been edited for use on this site.

Victorian Cardinal's Hat Flower Basket

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Made of a low cake tin, strong cardboard, Turkey red twill, worsted cords, and picture wire.

To make: Solder four small rings to the top of the cake tin; cover the tin with Turkey red twill; make a wide hat brim of cardboard, cover that with Turkey twill, and secure it to the top of the cake tin.

Form the cardinal’s lappets with worsted cord; make them each 2 feet long, and finish with small balls of scarlet wool, connected together with Crochet Chain Stitch.

Hang up the Hat with the picture wire run through the small rings. (See illustration.)

Instead of soldering the cake pan and rings for the inside of the flower basket, you may want to use a drill to drill holes and use jump rings to attach the cord. I find drilling easier and faster to do than soldering. (Well, truthfully, I've never soldered. Looks too complicated and time consuming. Fixing up my old Victorian home, I've become well acquainted with the drill! LOL)

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