Buttercup Doily
- 1898 - 

The instructions below for this beautiful buttercup doily are as published in 1898. Formatting of instructions was edited for easy reading. The silk colors correspond to the silks made available by the Corticelli Company at that time. You, of course, will need to examine the color plate to decide which colors you will need.

The color numbers listed below are:

Filo silk - Nos. 503, 504, 505, 506, 507 – shades of yellow

Filo silk – Nos. 754, 781 – shades of green

Persian floss – 615, white

As can be seen by the rating at the end of the instructions, this design was considered easy.


Buttercup Doily Design

Materials — 22-inch Size 

Corticelli Filo Silk, 2 skeins each 504, 505, 506, 507, 754, 781; 1 skein 503, 782. 

Corticelli Persian Floss, 6 skeins 615. 

Smaller pieces take less silk. Dealers can furnish stamped linen of this design in 9, 12, 18, and 22-inch sizes.

Border. — Work the scallop in buttonhole stitch with Corticelli Persian Floss, White, 615. Work the shell scallop in buttonhole stitch, long and short on the inside; work over the white with one thread of Corticelli Filo Silk, Yellow, 503, leaving on the inside a long and short effect. See Colored Plate III (above).

Flowers. — Work solid. Begin the edge of the petals with Yellow, 507, shading lighter to the center with 506, 505, 504, 503. Some flowers should be darker than others.

In the center of the flower work a few stitches of Green, 781, and around these stitches make a few French knots in 781 also. See Colored Plate XVI (above). 

Leaves. — Work solid. Begin the points with 781, and shade into 754 toward the center. Work the stems in outline stitch with Green, 754. (Easy.)

To enlarge the pattern for the buttercup doily, copy picture to any graphic program and enlarge there or print out the pattern and enlarge on a copier.

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