Battlemented Stitch

The Battlemented Stitch is an arrangement of Overcast, Holbein, or Point de Russe, making a species of fret pattern to imitate in embroidery the indented line of battlements upon castles, etc. The stitch is used in ticking and other ornamental Embroidery, and is shown in Fig. 1 and in the centerline of Fig. 2 below.

battlement stitch small

Click on picture to see more detail.

battlemented stitch small

Click on picture to see more detail.

To work in Holbein stitch with both sides alike: Run the thread first over, then under, and then over the traced line, so that every alternate stitch fills up a marked space. In the second running, work over the plain spaces and under the ones already filled in.

To work in Overcast: Trace a battlemented line on the material. Bring the needle up from the back, and cover the line with a fine and even Overcast stitches, working from left to right.

To work in point de Russe: Trace a battlemented line. Bring the needle up from the back of the material, at one end of the short line forming the top of one Battlement, put the needle back at the end of this line, only take up a few threads of material, and bring the needle out, at the top of the short upright line, put it down at of the line, take up a few threads of material, and bring it up ready to make the next line in the same manner. Work from right to left, and continue to then end of the traced line. The three diverging lines at the top and bottom of each battlement (See Fig. 2) work in Long Stitch.

This stitch may be worked in any size and may be worked in single, double, or treble lines. Variations are limited only to the embroiderer’s imagination.

Note: The diamond border above and below the Battlemented Stitches in Fig. 2 are also done in Long Stitch. They are used as an ornamental finish to the work and have no connection with the stitch.

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