Victorian Bath Towel Holder

A beautiful Victorian bath towel holder will dress up any bathroom - large or small. They don't have to be hard or expensive to make either.

The following information is from Needle-Craft: Artistic and Practical, published by the Butterick Publishing Company in 1890. The information has been edited for use on this site.

Fancy Bath-Towel Holder

Victorian bath towel holder

This holder is made of a length of wide velvet ribbon that is passed through three rings and then doubled. Two of the rings are placed in the folds, while the third comes where the ends are joined and is used to suspend the holder. Through each of the other rings a fancy bath-towel is drawn to fall gracefully.

The ribbon is decorated with tiny rings sewed all over it in a simple figure design.

More Victorian Bath Towel Holder Ideas

Idea No. 1

Wooden rings of the kind illustrated above are obtainable for a small sum and may be utilized in a variety of practical and pretty ways about the lavatory.

Four of them, hung in a row, will hold several towels, and where the ablutions of two or more persons are performed, the rings holding the special towels of each may be marked with initials done in fancy-headed tacks or nails.

If metal rings are used, it is advisable to crochet over them with cord.

A strip of linen, ornamented with out-line stitching, or without any decoration, may take the place of ribbon.

Idea No. 2

A ring larger than those illustrated, with several hooks or screw-eyes fastened in it, may be utilized to good advantage where space is limited. Besides holding bath-towels, a wash-bag, shoe-bag and similar articles may be suspended from it; and, if arranged to hang at different lengths, no one article will infringe upon another.

A practical hint, not misplaced in this connection, is as follows: use round cord for suspending any receptacle that is to receive much weight. Cord of this description will bear the strain imposed upon it much longer than tape, braid or any flatly woven material.

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