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VEAC, Issue #3 -- New Victorian Embroidery and Craft Items for You!
March 02, 2006

New Victorian Embroidery and Craft Items Waiting for You!

Hi, Everyone!

Can you believe it's March already? I am so-o-o ready for warmer weather! I'm not much of a winter person so instead of braving the cold of February, I have been busy putting together Victorian embroidery information and patterns as well as crafts for you.

What's New!

February additions include:

Types of embroidery - This is a listing and description of different types of embroidery commonly done during the Victorian era. I will try to add more information - along with a pattern or so if I can find one - as I come across them.

If you cross-stitch or are interested in seeing a Victorian cross-stitch pattern (or 2), look under Cross-Stitch (listed in Types of Embroidery). There is a pdf file that contains two different cross-stitch patterns. The instructions included with these are the same as those given to Victorian ladies who loved this type of embroidery.

Fabrics - discusses the types of fabrics available during the Victorian era. I have tried to include the cost per yard when I could.

Canvas Materials - explains the type of canvas materials used for counted embroidery and their costs (when available). These are listed separately from fabrics because canvas was used for counted embroidery and fabrics (for the most part) were not. I was surprised to find so many different types. (I must admit, my cross-stitching has been confined to using Aida canvas only. I have never tried to cross-stitch on any other type of material. Shame on me!)

For the Crafts section, the following have been added:

An Embroidery Apron - an apron specifically for use while embroidering - has been added to the Victorian Aprons page. Check out those pockets. I'm not sure if I'd find them a help or a hindrance. I can't seem to find things in my purse and that's only one big pocket. I can imagine me fumbling through all of those. Ha! What a sight that would be. (lol) I guarantee if I make and use this one, no video cameras will be allowed anywhere near me while I'm using it!

Vintage pincushions has two illustrations with instructions if you'd like to try your hand at making one. This page will be updated frequently. I am currently trying to get patterns specifically for pincushions (including correct sizes). I'll keep you posted on that.

Everyone loves picture frames so I have added instructions and illustrations to make two different kinds. One uses what I think could be rather expensive materials. Anyone care to suggest other materials to use? Is so, let me know and I'll pass your suggestions along. Also, if you make either one and want to share, please do. I'm sure others would love to see what you've done.

And last, but not least, a Victorian Décor section has been added.

Included, at this time, are directions for two types of window coverings.

Other News

For you Beeton's Embroidery enthusiasts, I have also been working on another download of the book for you. I am hoping to have that completed by mid-March. I will be sending a special e-mail to let you know when it's ready.


Phew! Like I said, I was busy during February. You can be sure I will continue to add new embroidery and craft items often during March. Until next time.....

Visit Victorian Embroidery and Crafts today!

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions, or requests. If you are interested in a particular item, let me know. I'll see what I can find for you. Also, if you have expertise in any Victorian needlecrafts or general Victorian crafts and would like to share, by all means, let me know. I would be glad to add a "Guest Author" or maybe "Subscriber Craft Submission" section to the site. Of course, your submission would be attributed to you as the author or designer.



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