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VEAC, April Edition is ready!
April 06, 2006

Spring has Sprung!

Hi, Everyone.

Spring has finally arrived and with it the rain. Usually that bothers me but not this year. I’ve come across so much Victorian embroidery, crafts and other fancy needlework, that just trying to organize it is taking much of my time. The rain just gives me an excuse to stay inside and work on my website and uploading information as fast as I can. If it was warm outside with lots of sunshine, I’d be awfully tempted to start working in the yard.

I live in one of my city’s historical districts. This year, it is our district’s turn to put on the house and garden tour. You can only imagine how anxious those in our neighborhood are to get their yards in order, as well as their house. Spring-cleaning will be just around the corner.

Did you know that Spring (and Fall) cleaning actually lasted a week or so during the Victorian era? Ladies, with their servants, would begin at the top of the house and work their way down – including the basement and/or cellar. Rugs were taken outside, beaten, then rolled and stored for the summer. Heavy curtains as well as heavy furniture covers were also cleaned and stored. Did you ever wonder where the men and boys were during this time? It seems men, if possible, found business that kept them away from home that week. Boys generally had free reign on their time as their mothers were otherwise occupied. If by chance a boy was in what he would consider “the wrong place at the wrong time,” he might find himself moving furniture or carrying heavy items to and fro. Girls, of course, were expected to be their working right along side their mothers. I can appreciate such enthusiasm for Spring and Fall cleaning and maybe I will develop such an attitude – right after I get a maid, a cook, and a handyman. LOL!

What's New!

For those of you who might have missed it, Beeton’s Book of Embroidery, Part 3 is available. To download it you will need to complete a very short survey and submit it. You will then receive an email on where you can download the latest section of the book. Click here to take the survey: VEAC Questionaire

I would like to thank those who have already completed the questionnaire. I will report the results of the poll in next month’s e-zine. I would also like to thank all of you who wrote to me with your comments and suggestions for the site. Keep them coming.

There are a few new crafts available since last month. This month's crafts include a:

Victorian scarf
This particular scarf has a multitude of uses, however, as written, it would be best used as a decorative piece hung on a rack. With a little thought, the decorations could be worked so that the scarf would work perfectly on a table or chair, with all the wonderful embroidery and embellishments visible.

Sewing Case
This case is easy to make and is a perfect place to work some wonderful embroidery. Of course, if your talents are with paints, the piece would be just as lovely. This item gives everyone a place to try new and artistic fancywork of all types. The best thing about this Sewing Case is that it is small and will not take long to complete.

Letter Holder
Letters were cherished during the Victorian era. So what could be more Victorian than a Letter Holder? This one hangs on the wall and will be quite beautiful when completed. The instructions give a few ideas on how to vary the look to one's liking.

As always, these crafts are authentic. All were published pre-1900.

In the Works!

I have just found some new (well, new to me. Actually, the information is from 1880-1910) information that will be of interest to you. In the next month or so I will make available to you information/instructions/patterns for Victorian:
  • Crochet projects
  • Knitting projects, and
  • Quilting projects.

Don’t forget, if you have made any of the items listed on the site and would like to share the results with others, let me know. I would love to see what you are doing.

Until next time,


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