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October 04, 2013

Halloween is Almost Here!

Halloween is almost here. The costumes, the treats (yum), and the parties! What fun!

Until now, I did not have a lot of Halloween information on the site but that has changed. In fact I have a SUPER SPECIAL SURPRISE for just you!

If you go to my Happy Halloween page you will see a number of new things.

First you will find a link to the Halloween graphics page where quite a few more graphics have been added.

You will also find some articles on Victorian Halloween games, parties, party suggestions, traditions, as well as something about Halloween Brownies (no, I'm not talking about food. lol). I really liked the A Victorian Halloween Party. Now THAT was SOME party!

But there is ONE MORE THING !

There is a book called Games for Halloween that I have reformatted for easy reading, added an index and table of contents so you can find what you are looking for easily - ready for you to download at NO COST!

So be sure to go to the Happy Halloween page, scroll down to near the bottom of the page and get your copy.

It's my way of thanking your for subscribing to VEAC. No one else knows it's there. I have no links to it or have mentioned it anywhere else. It is only for you and those who go to that page.

I hope you like it. It has a lot of fun ideas - to use as they are or to start your imagination going. Make sure you get it!

A Few Other Things

I want to thank everyone who wrote in to help Cathy find a place for her extra craft supplies. She received a lot of great ideas. I'll have more on that in the next email.

And on a personal note:

Well, it's official. My daughter is having another boy! She had the 3-D sonogram done last week and it is confirmed. (I speak from experience when I say that the first sonogram is not always correct. Better to check a second time before you start buying gender specific clothes, etc.). For those of you who haven't seen a 3-D sonogram - all I can say is that they are amazing. He is as beautiful and precious as I knew he would be and I can't wait until he gets here.

That's about it for this time.

Thank you for subscribing to VEAC. I appreciate each and every one of you.

If you like this e-zine, please do a friend and me a big favor and "pay it forward."

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Until next time,

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