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Don’t miss out on this Super Special Christmas Gift
November 08, 2008

Have I got a special treat for you!

I am so thrilled to be able to pass this on to you.

My friend, Scott, from Vintage Image Craft has created a four page image book exclusively for VEAC newsletter readers. All of the images are from 19th and early 20th century sources. The Clark’s Mile-End Thread ads and sewing machine ads are trade cards. The scissor ads are from Victorian magazines. The black and white images are from Victorian sewing instruction books. How to use these? Decoupage a box for sewing supplies. Print on fabric to make pin cushions. Create gift tags for Christmas gifts to sewing friends. Create very personal Christmas cards or notecards. Make decorations for an all-sewing Christmas tree.

Here’s where to pick up your F.R.E.E. copy: Victorian Image Book

Be sure to download it as soon as possible. He is providing this at no cost to you for the next two weeks ONLY. After that, he puts it up for sale to the general public. Grab it while you can.

While you’re there, be sure to check out his Thanksgiving napkin ring craft. Make up a number of these (they are easily made) and dress up your Holiday dinner table with them. They’re sure to be noticed by your family and dinner guests. Take a look and see what I mean.'s Thanksgiving Craft.

As always, new items are always being added to the site. Here are just a few.

What's New!

Swiss Embroidery – Swiss Embroidery is just one of the names to a very popular embroidery. Do you know which one? To find out, see Swiss Embroidery.

New Patchwork Patterns Available!

Crazy Patchwork. This type of patchwork everyone is familiar with. See how Victorian ladies learned to do it. Crazy Patchwork.

Tinted Patchwork. This patchwork type is not often discussed although it probably goes by other names. It was very popular during the Victorian era. Tinted Patchwork.

New Stitches that have been added.

A number of stitches have been added. Check it out and see if you can spot the new ones. Embroidery Stitches.


Since Christmas is just around the corner, you will find Christmas crafts throughout the site. One that you may be interested in is the Victorian Christmas Wall Decoration. You can find it here: Christmas Wall Decoration. Be sure to check back often as I will be adding new Christmas ideas weekly.


Someone had asked about the term "Binkercloth". Susan was kind enough to email me with this reply:

You asked in your latest e-mail about Binker cloth. Here in the Uk we have a Binca fabric which is 6 count Aida fabric. I don't know if this is what you are looking for. 2 sites it is available at here are and http://www

Thanks, Susan. I'm sure the person to whom I forwarded the information to is as appreciative as I am.

I wanted to thank Amber for the notice that some of my graphics were not working properly. I try to double check these kinds of things but somehow they still happen :-( Thankfully, wonderful readers like Amber help make the site a better place to visit.

A reader asks: Hi, I was reading in a book, (mystery) that there are short embroidery needles so you can use more of your floss, about 1 inch long, similiar to a quilting needle but with a larger eye.... I am using 4 strands. Do you know what I'm referring to?

Anyone know anything about this type of needle? Any information would be appreciated.

For those of you who write in asking if I know of anyone who does a particular type of embroidery, please let me know if you would like me to put the question in the next ezine. That way they can contact you directly and you can have a number of people to choose from to embroidery your project for you.

To send any information you would like to share, just E-mail me. Keep the questions, comments and answers coming. I love hearing from you.

That's it for this month's e-zine. I hope you find something of interest to you.

With warm regards,


P.S. - Don't forget to get your Special Christmas Gift today!

P.P.S. - If clicking on a link does not take you to the appropriate page, please cut and paste the link (be sure to get all of it) into your browser. This sometimes happens when the links print on two separate lines in an e-mail.

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