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Spring Is Here! And so are some new & interesting items!
May 08, 2007

Spring Is Here!

Hi, Everyone!

I hope all of you are enjoying the wonderful weather Spring has to offer. Of course, along with Spring comes thoughts of Spring cleaning and sprucing things up! Because of the constant restoration efforts on our 1882 house, there is no such thing as Spring cleaning here. Just keeping the tables and floors free from 100 year old dust is a job in itself. ;-) Our kitchen is almost done. Although it is not a truly authentic looking Victorian kitchen (have you priced those Vintage look-alike appliances? I love the looks of them but the price is a bit high for my pocketbook at this time.) it fits the house well. We had to literally take down the room and build from footers to rafters so itís been a big project. Soon Iíll be adding touches to give it that Victorian feel. I am currently looking for projects that are simple and can be done quickly to add just the "right touch" to the kitchen. Iíll add them to the site as I find them.

What's New!

The following information has been added to the site since the last newsletter.
  • French Laid Embroidery. Also known as White Work, it has been appreciated all over the world. Learn how to make your own masterpiece using these instructions.

  • Mexican Wheel and Mexican Square Embroidery information is now available. This is the only information I have come across about this type of embroidery. It must have been a novelty type embroidery because so little is written about them.

  • How to Embroider the Carnation Ė instructions on how to properly embroider this flower.

Other New Items

Victorian Punched Work Ė This is NOT the punch work that most people are familiar with. You can see, as often happens with older embroidery stitches and types, the confusion caused by different types of embroidery using the same name. Check it out to see what I mean.
Victorian Punched Work

Crocheted Miserís Bag. Here you will find the directions on how to make your own wonderful crocheted bag. By the late 1800ís, the term ďMiserís BagĒ was used for almost any type of crocheted bag that held coins. To read more about them, see Miserís Bag.

Last month Coronation Rose Embroidery was highlighted. This month it is the Rambler Rose. This is a unique way of embroidering a rose. It also is not widely written about so the information is not as in depth as I like to provide but I think you will find it interesting.
Rambler Rose Embroidery

And last but not least, Gretchen embroidery is an unusual embroidery technique not often found. See what it's all about here!
Gretchen Embroidery

A Request

An embroiderer asked for some specific information on finding Mount Mellick supplies. I personally have not done any Mount Mellick embroidery and could not offer any information based on personal experience. If any of you have any information on a dependable supplier, please let me know. I would be glad to pass it on to her and post it here, giving you credit, of course. To send any information you would like to share, just E-mail me.

Donít forget, if you have made any of the items listed on the site and would like to share the results with others, let me know. I, along with others on this list, would love to see what you are doing.

It may be a week early but I'd like to wish all the Mothers a wonderful Motherís Day!

Until next time,

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