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Your VEAC, 2-3-10 ezine is here.
March 03, 2010

VEAC is Back!


I can't believe it is March already! I am SO looking forward to Spring. I actually have some flowers coming up through the snow! I can't wait to see those bright yellow flowers nodding in the breeze.

VEAC should be back on its regular schedule for the time being, thank goodness! I have lots of new information to share with you.

With that being said, here are some things you might find of interest.

What's New!

Ribbon Work - Ribbon work has been around for centuries to adorn homes. Here is a Victorian tidy using ribbon work. Ribbon Work.

Patterns - Victorian ladies were not as lucky as we are when it came to patterns. Whether they designed their own pattern or copied a pattern from a book, they still needed to get it from the pattern design to the fabric. To do this they made perforated patterns. Discover how they did it.
Making a Perforated Pattern.

Stamping a Pattern - Once the made the pattern, they had to use something to mark the fabric. There were a multitude of ways, each specific to a special need. Products used for light cloth, dark cloth, satin, cotton, etc. were all different. See how they made these different marking solutions. I'm sure once you see what they went through, you'll be so very thankful that we don't have to.
Methods of Stamping a Pattern.

Embroidery Pattern - Here is another free hand embroidery pattern. It is the very popular Victorian Scotch Thistle pattern - Scotch Thistle.


OK. Finally the information many of you have been looking for.

Huckaback fabric does not seem to be easy to find. For those looking for Huckaback fabric, here are a few places others have said to look:

Maxine stated that Nordic Needle sells it.

Teresa wrote:
EESCO Co. carries a "Huck Toweling" which is 100% cotton, and I have found it through a wholesale company E. E. Schenck Co., with two warehouse locations in Portland, Oregon and Vernon, California. If this fabric is actually "huckaback" or possibly a good substitution, and enough people would speak with their local fabric store, then maybe that store could stock the toweling. Or... if one of the searchers has a retail liscense then they could purchase the fabric.

Info: E. E. Schenck Co. 1-800-433-0722 6000 N. Cutter Circle Portland, Oregon 97217

Vera found Huckaback was sold at De Stoffenkraam. She noted that Badstof is HUCKABACK.

Georgia has a catalog that sells white huck fabric for embroidery. The fabric is called "white huck toweling" and the number is FA78. It's $3.25 a yard and it is 15 inches wide. The company is Newark Dressmaker Supply.

I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to Maxine, Teresa, Vera and Georgia for being so kind and sending this information to me to share. I know it took some time for me to get it posted. It is people like you that make the world so much nicer. Thank you again!

That's it for now. Until next time...

With warm regards,


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